2012 World Financial Group Continental Cup Disciplines

The World Financial Group Continental Cup brings together the finest players on the international scene, competing in a unique format where Team North America faces Team World in four different disciplines.  Six teams on each side – three men’s and three women’s – square off in Team Games, Mixed Doubles, Singles and Skins competitions. Points are awarded for the outcome of each match with a total of 400 on the line.  The first team to reach 201 earns the title, meaning every single shot carries championship implications. Team Games (72 points) Each of the 12 teams will play one game in the traditional fashion.  Strategy is critical as team captains determine the best match-ups, taking into consideration the style and strengths of players on each side. Mixed Doubles (36 points) This event has been a crowd favourite from the very outset of the Continental Cup in 2002.  It’s a fast-paced match featuring a male and female from each side.  Captains select six teams with players throwing five rocks in a six-end game.  One curler throws first and fifth stones and the other takes two through four.  Teams have the option of changing up the throwing order during the match. Singles (32 points) Fans have come to love the Ford Hot Shots during Season of Champions events – and the format is just as popular in the Continental Cup singles matches.  Captains pick six shooters to make the big ones under pressure. Skins (260 points) The drama all builds to the skins competition with the lion’s share of points on the line.  The outcome of the three men’s, three women’s and two mixed games ultimately decides the Continental Cup champions. Behind the scenes, captains look for every possible edge as they select team rosters and match-ups.  On the ice, the best players in the world fight for every single point.  A count of two or a steal without hammer earns a skin.  As skins carry over end-by-end, the stakes and the tension build with every shot.