Volunteers Rally ‘Round the Flags of the World

The first volunteer rally for the 2012 Ford World Women’s Curling Championship took place October 30th with some 300 attending the briefing on their upcoming roles.

Volunteers are photographed for their accreditation for the Ford World Women's Curling Championship (Photo Karlen MacDonald)

It was a busy day as volunteers were sized for official uniforms, photographed for accreditation and introduced to their respective directors to discuss assignments for the event – coming to Lethbridge’s ENMAX Centre, March 17 – 25. One group that’s been active for the past several months is the promotions team and they were on the job once again to spread the word on the new Take 5 mini packs that went on sale Saturday, November 5th.  They spent the entire weekend at the Park Place Shopping Centre greeting the public and providing information on the new ticket packages. And people will be seeing a lot of the Paint the Town team over the coming week.  They have 10,000 new brochures, hot off the press, that they’ll be distributing throughout the community. There’s still four months to go before the finest women’s teams in the world hit the city, but the momentum is clearly building for what promises to be one of the biggest and best events Lethbridge has ever seen! “You Gotta Be There” for the 2012 Ford World Women’s Curling Championship.  Great seats are still available – get yours now by clicking here.