Saskatchewan Hoping to End Dry Spell at the Brier

In a province so abundant in agricultural resources, there’s nothing quite as disturbing as the mere mention of the word “drought”.  Saskatchewan is almost as serious about its curling… and when it comes to Brier championships, the dreaded word has been hanging in the air for the past three decades.

Rick Folk and teammates Ron Mills, Tom Wilson and Jim Wilson hoist the 1980 Brier Tankard for Saskatchewan (CCA Photo)

It was 1980 when Saskatchewan last brought home the Brier Tankard, thanks to Rick Folk’s Saskatoon team that included Ron Mills, Tom Wilson and Jim Wilson.  They went on to win the world men’s curling championship the same year.  Folk took both titles again in 1994, but he was wearing the British Columbia crest by that time. There have been several close calls in the ensuing years with runner-up honors going to Eugene Hritzuk in 1988, Randy Woytowich in 1991 and Brad Heidt in 1995. Saskatchewan’s last best shot came at the 2008 Tim Hortons Brier when Pat Simmons lost the semi-final match in an extra-end battle with Ontario’s Glenn Howard. In a province that prides itself on the legacy of the legendary Richardsons – four-time Brier champions in the 1960’s – nothing would be more satisfying than to end the drought when the 2012 Tim Hortons Brier comes back to Saskatoon, March 3 – 11 in the Credit Union Centre. “You Gotta Be There” to see if the home province team can make its long awaited breakthrough and hoist the Brier Tankard once again.  You know the arena will be packed, so click here to reserve your seats now.