Saskatchewan women into the playoffs at The Dominion Curling Club Championship

Saskatchewan’s Patricia Yeske and her team of Danielle Sicinski, Pamela Clothier and Leslie Glova captured the last semi-final spot in the Women’s competition with a victory over Sylvye Turgeon’s Quebec squad on Friday night.

Team Saskatchewan is into the playoffs (Photo Yadranka Thompson and The Dominion)

It was a strong come-back for the Hillcrest Curling Club team from Moose Jaw after a crucial Draw 13 loss to Ontario earlier in the day. In the final round-robin game, Ontario stole 2 points in the last end to take a 7-5 victory – and a 6-0 record – into the playoffs. That left Saskatchewan and Quebec fighting for the last semi-final spot. In one semi-final today, Saskatchewan faces Manitoba, who surged through the round-robin, finishing in second place. In the other, it’s the battle of Ontario, as Jodi McCutcheon’s High Park team faces Northern Ontario’s Melanie Patry from the Coniston Curling Club. The Dominion Curling Club Championship is Canada’s first national championship for men’s and women’s curling teams at the club level. The event is fully funded and operated by The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company. The Dominion is a proud supporter of curling across Canada and has been a strong supporter of the Canadian Paraplegic Association for over 13 years. Canadian owned and operated since 1887, today The Dominion is one of the country’s largest home, car and business insurers. Get to know The Dominion by visiting