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Capital One Rocks & Rings at Variety Village

Once again the Capital One Rocks & Rings program took part in the 15th Annual Active Living Conference at Variety Village. It was my first time at Variety Village and it was so wonderful to see what an amazing facility they have! For those of you who are unfamiliar with this organization, their goal is to improve on the quality of life of all people regardless of their abilities.

Capital One Rocks & Rings Intstructors

Capital One Rocks & Rings Intstructors

That’s where Rocks & Rings fits in! The conference is put on to educate over 200 delegates including students, educators, coaches, professionals and volunteers interested in active living opportunities for people of all abilities.

The delegates were able to try the floor curling equipment in a wheelchair with push sticks to see how easily this game can suit everyone! Even though they were playing adapted floor curling, this was the first time most of the participants have even come close to trying curling. I was very happy to introduce a sport that I’m so passionate about to brand new faces. Everyone had a blast and it made them want to try the real thing.

Some of the other sports that were involved include wheelchair basketball, sledge hockey, bocce ball and seated volleyball.

They also had a special guest speaker who everyone knows. The Man in Motion himself, Rick Hansen, was there to speak with everyone about his experiences and how important conferences like this are! It was certainly a great experience to be a part of this fantastic event.

Jill Mouzar, Capital One Rocks & Rings Program Coordinator