Capital One Rocks & Rings: How we came to starting something new.

It has been a few years coming, but with rapid growth and schools requesting to repeat the Capital One Rocks & Rings Program year after year, we have developed a second year program to keep things fresh and advance the kids’ learning.

Have you had the Capital One Rocks & Rings Program in your school?

Most schools ask us back once they’ve had the program (sometimes in the same year!), so we decided to offer more expanded programming that still delivers the same message: curling is fun! We took the curling-based relay race, expanded it, and made it even more exciting. In addition we have a variety of new games and activities that not only educates the students about this great Olympic Sport but also keeps them moving and active. What’s great about the new programming is that we can combine it with some of our classic games and activities from the first year. There are lots of original games such as the shootout that the kids love, and of course we don’t want them to miss out on that, so we have added some new twists to keep the program exciting and fresh. We officially launched the new programming for the first time January 23 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Over the past few months we have developed and tested these new games in a variety of schools in Ontario and British Columbia. With the help of Curl BC we have finalized the new programming and are now ready to go. Keep an eye on our website for pictures and updates from the launch in Halifax and a few other areas we are rapidly growing in.