Junior Women in Tie-Breaker with Russia

A loss against Sweden left Canada’s Jocelyn Peterman in a five-way tie for second after the final round robin games at the World Junior Curling Championships in Oestersund, Sweden.

Team Canada front end Rebecca Konschuh and Kristine Anderson at work (Photo Richard Gray/WCF)

“This was a huge game for both teams,” reports National Team Coach Melissa Soligo.  “If Canada wins, they are in the Page 1-2 game.  If they don’t, they would finish as low as sixth place and play in a tiebreaker.  Well, it wasn’t our day.” It was a good start for both teams, trading singles in the first three ends. In the first, Peterman had to draw against two Swedish counters for her single. In the second, Swedish skip Sara McManus had a hit and stick for 2, but rolled out, only getting a single. “Both teams started to get things going a little more,” reports Soligo. “There was an exchange of deuces in the next three ends. “ Throughout the first five ends, Peterman made some big shots to keep Canada even, but in the eighth, she ran into trouble and gave up a steal of 1. With Sweden leading 6-5 going into the tenth, Canada needed to steal.  Lead Kristine Anderson hogged her first rock, and Sweden played a perfect end keeping it very clean, securing the win with a hit and stick. With a five-way tie – and identical 6-3 records – among Canada, Czech Republic, Japan, Russia and Sweden, Team Canada will play Russia on Friday in a tie-breaker. News, live scores, galleries and video highlights can be found on the World Junior Curling Championship website.   https://www.wjcc2012.curlingevents.com.