Alberta’s Cathy King Advances to the Championship Final!

With still one draw to play in the 2012 Canadian Senior Women’s Curling Championship in Abbotsford, BC, Cathy King of the Saville Sports Centre in Edmonton has secured a berth in Sunday’s final following her 8-7 win over Saskatchewan’s Darlene Gillies. King’s record is now 9-1. Regardless of what happens in the final draw, a record of 9-2 still earns her the first place standing as she has defeated both Nova Scotia’s Nancy Delahunt and Newfoundland & Labrador’s Cathy Cunningham in the round robin. Both NS and NL won their Thursday evening games posting records of 8-2 and they will advance to the semi final on Saturday at 2:00 p.m. Pacific.

NS's Colleen Jones (photo by Davina)

King overcame a 5-4 deficit with a deuce in the 6th and a steal of one in the 7th for a 7-5 lead. Gillies took a single in the 8th and stole one in the 9th to tie the game at 7. Gillies buried her first stone in the 10th end but King eliminated it with a raise takeout. With her last stone, Gillies attempted to draw around the guard, but drew heavy and the game was over. Delahunt’s Mayflower CC team from Halifax, took deuces in the first, fifth and ninth ends defeating NWT’s Ann McKellar-Gillis 9-4. Colleen Jones throws last stones for NS. The Yellowknife squad dropped to 1-9. NL’s Cunningham scored two 3 enders and a four ender trouncing the home province’s Penny Shantz 11-5. The BC crew are at 4-6 with one game to play.

NL's Cathy Cunningham (photo by Davina)

Quebec’s Odette Trudel made her last shot in the 10th end to quell a Manitoba uprising as Laurie Deprez scored three in the 9th to get within one. The final score was 9-7. Both teams are also at 4-7. PEI’s Shirley Berry stopped Ontario’s Nancy Harrison 7-3 improving her record to 3-7 while Ontario drops to 4-7. The final draw will take place Friday at 1:30pm with only second place at stake between NS and NL and the final ranking of the remaining nine teams. The Senior Men have two draws remaining in their round robin with five teams still in the hunt. Alberta’s Rob Armitage needs one victory in his last two games to also earn the bye to Sunday’s championship final. Scores & Standings