House Call: A Curling Verse for Season’s End

Kim Perkins, Head Curling Professional at the Calgary Winter Club, wraps up the season with a few words of wisdom: ‘Tis the end of our year and I hope you swept hard, threw a takeout or two and maybe a guard. I hope you watched as we cheered at the Brier and the Scotties, curling’s sure better than doing Pilates! So off to the ice! We went there in droves, when the air turned cold, it dragged us from our homes. Our sport, it’s about great balance and line, but if you didn’t master that, the bar is just fine! Buy the other team a round, raise your glasses up high, and toast to the season we just watched slide by. We’ll be back in the fall with our brooms and our shoes For good times on ice – when we win or we lose, ready to rumble and rip through eight ends, gleeful to be back with our curling friends! May you always remember to step off slider first because falling is no fun, what could be worse? And may you release cleanly with a positive turn, may none of your rocks ever be burned. May you have stones in all of the rings, these are a few of my favourite things. Wishing you keen ice with a bit of a bend, that’s easy to read from end to end. May your pebble stand strong to the end of each game, and if you should lose, may there be no one to blame. Curling’s your sport and it’s tried and it’s true, I can’t wait ’til next season when I get to see you!

Glenn Howard and Wayne Middaugh looking gleeful at the 2012 Tim Hortons Brier (Photo Michael Burns)