Making Great Ice: Season’s End

Another season of ice making has ended for most of us. Now it’s time to make sure we are ready for summer and look ahead to next curling season. Whether you take your ice out with a loader or you let it melt, it’s important to make sure the floor is dry and clean when you are done. This will help you with start-up in the fall. If you have a sand base, it is best to get most of the water off before all the ice is gone. When it has all melted, make sure you dry the building and sand out so you don’t create mold issues. Have a refrigeration mechanic come and shut your compressors down for the summer and complete any of the maintenance that needs to be done. Store your rocks in a cool, dry place where they won’t be compromised in any way. Send any blades out to get sharpened right at the end of the season. That way, they will be back well before the start of the next season. Block your scraper so your tires don’t get flat spots during the summer. Also disconnect the batteries to preserve them while not in use. If you use your building for other events in the summer, store all your equipment so it doesn’t “grow legs” and disappear. Remember, any work you do now will help you with an easier installation in the fall. Have a great summer, keep your head down and don’t complain about the greens!

(Photo courtesy J. Bourassa)