New videos explain “Why Curling Rocks!”

Why does curling rock? For anyone who doesn’t know the answer to that question already, a series of six short videos explains it all – and provides curling facilities with an entertaining way to attract new curlers to the sport. The two-minute “Why Curling Rocks!” videos use regular club curlers as well as familiar high-profile athletes, such as men’s world champion Craig Savill and past Canadian women’s champion Kaitlyn Lawes, to promote the benefits of getting out on the ice. Filmed during a charity bonspiel at a multi-sheet curling club, these entertaining videos feature action shots interspersed with clips of participants from all levels of ability and experience chatting about the social aspects of the sport, especially the opportunity to meet new people and play the game at any age. But the series also emphasizes the physical side of curling: it’s a workout, especially for the sweepers – as Craig Savill and several new curlers attest to! And for anyone who needs a competitive spark, curlers talk about how the sport offers opportunities at every level, from local club leagues to the ultimate in international competition. The videos also illustrate one of the unique characteristics of the sport: that even the most elite curlers in Canada can be found having fun on the ice at their local rink with fellow club members of every level. The chief message these short features promote is that curling is fun, affordable and as challenging as you want it to be. As the new season begins, the six “Why Curling Rocks!” videos will provide curlers and curling facilities with a fun way to persuade newcomers to give the sport a try and start curling.