Plaxton wins World Financial Group Rock the Ice contest

Penticton, B.C. — Ann Louise Plaxton of Lethbridge, Alta., can thank her draw weight for winning the $25,000 Cdn grand prize on Saturday in the World Financial Group Rock the Ice Contest final. Plaxton’s draw  following the eighth round of the WFG Continental Cup at the South Okanagan Events Centre landed just 54 centimetres from the button, the closest result of the four competitors. She beat out Catherine Shore of Saskatoon, Sask., Jeff Alexander of Davidson, Sask., and Brian Hall of Stoney Creek, Ont.

Ann Louise Plaxton of Lethbridge throws her winning rock in the World Financial Group Rock the Button contest on Saturday. (Photo, CCA/Michael Burns)

Looking on as Plaxton took her winning shot was Team North America skip Jennifer Jones, along with four-time world men’s champion Randy Ferbey. “The Rock the Ice Contest was so exciting to watch,” said Jones. “It was an honour to be there to congratulate Ann for an outstanding draw under pressure.” The grand prize was provided by the World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Canada (WFGIA) and contributing sponsors Transamerica Life Canada, Equitable Life of Canada, Boomerang Financial and Heritage Education Funds. It consists of $25,000 worth of financial products and services available through WFGIA. Plaxton will be able to work with a WFGIA financial professional in Alberta to work out a strategy with which to use her winnings. “We are thrilled for Ann Louise Plaxton and the overall results of the competition,” said WFGIA president Richard Williams. “I like to think that it added to the excitement of the Continental Cup, but, more importantly, it has enabled us to demonstrate the difference we can make in the lives of Canadian families by helping them take control of their finances. With this contest, we can point to Ann Louise Plaxton as a specific individual whose financial security can be enhanced by our solutions. As the grand prize winner, Ann will have access to various products and services that WFGIA associates market to consumers on a daily basis, as well as learn more about the financial fundamentals that can help Ann make better decisions for her future.” The contest was launched at last year’s WFG Continental Cup in Langley, B.C., and entries were collected online and WFGIA booths at Season of Champions events along with WFGIA offices throughout Canada.