All-stars, award winners announced at M&M Meat Shops Canadian Juniors

The all-stars and other award winners at the 2013 M&M Meat Shops Canadian Junior Men’s and Women’s Curling Championships were announced on Friday at the awards banquet at MacDonald Island Park in Fort McMurray.

Photo, courtesy LuLu Photography

All-Stars (determined by shooting percentages during the round robin)

Women First Team (click for photo, l to r) Skip — Corryn Brown, British Columbia (74 per cent) * 
Third — Chelsea Duncan, Yukon (77 per cent) Second — Sheyna Andries, Manitoba (74 per cent) * Lead — Katie Roskewich, Alberta (78 per cent)

Second Team (click for photo, l to r) Skip — Sarah Koltun, Yukon (74 per cent) Third — Holly Donaldson, Ontario (71 per cent) Second — Megan Westlund, Northern Ontario (74 per cent) Lead — Katie Fullerton, Prince Edward Island (77 per cent)

Men First Team (click for photo, l to r) Skip — Thomas Scoffin, Alberta (78 per cent) Third — Colton Lott, Manitoba (79 per cent) Second — David Easter, Ontario (82 per cent) Lead — Andrew O’Dell, New Brunswick (82 per cent) Second Team (click for photo, l to r) Skip — Stuart Thompson, Nova Scotia (76 per cent) 
Third — Aaron Squires, Ontario (77 per cent) Second — Daniel Grant, Manitoba (81 per cent) Lead — Brendan MacCuish, Manitoba (80 per cent) * In the case of a percentage tie, the all-star position goes to the player with the highest plus/minus for the week (a player receives a +1 for every game in which he/she outcurls the positional opponent by five per cent or more). Should they still be tied, the pre-event draw to the button results are used to determine the all-star.

Ken Watson Sportsmanship Awards (voted by the players)

(Click for photo) Women – Sheree Hinz, Northern Ontario Men – Landon Bucholz, Alberta

Fair Play Awards (selected by the officials)

(Click for photo) Men Lead — Andrew Taylor, Newfoundland/Labrador 
Second  — Sanjay Bowry, British Columbia 
Third — Jamie Airut, Nunavut Skip — Will Mahoney, Yukon Coach — Benoit Forget, Quebec

Women Lead — Sydney Fraser, British Columbia 
Second — Teresa Waterfield, Saskatchewan Third — Sheree Hinz, Northern Ontario Skip — Sadie Pinksen, Nunavut Coach — Lynn Kreviazuk, Nunavut

ASHAM National Coaching Awards (voted by the coaches)

(Click for photo, with coaching mentor Bill Tschirhart) Women – Mark Noseworthy, Newfoundland/Labrador Men – Tim Warkentin, Northern Ontario

Joan Mead Legacy Awards (selected by the event officials) 
($500 scholarship)

(Click for photo) Women – Tirzah Keffer, Northern Ontario Men – Jonathan Schut, Prince Edward Island