Rocks & Rings: Beth Iskiw helps bring curling to local school children

The Capital One Rocks & Rings program has been growing strong across Canada over the past few years, and it certainly made an impression in Brier-hosting Edmonton this season. We’ve been very fortunate that several elite-level curlers have taken time out of their busy work and competition schedules to volunteer at the local schools and enhance the experience for the students. Recently, 2012 Canadian champion Beth Iskiw, who plays third on Team Heather Nedohin, learned that Rocks & Rings was going to visit her daughter’s school and contacted us, wanting to be a part of it. Here is her story.

Beth Iskiw, wearing Team Canada gear, talks to kids at Michael Strembitsky School in Edmonton as part of the Capital One Rocks & Rings program (Photo courtesy Capital One Rocks & Rings)

Beth Iskiw: In March I was really excited to hear that Rocks & Rings would be coming to my daughter’s school (Michael Strembitsky) in Edmonton. I definitely wanted to participate, hoping to generate more interest in curling at Allie’s school and with younger kids in our area. I was excited to share my experience as Team Canada and motivate these kids to try a new sport.

(Photo courtesy Capital One Rocks & Rings)

The students certainly enjoyed seeing my Canada gear and hearing about curling not only across Canada, but around the world as well. It was also fun to work with local instructor Stephanie and teach the kids a little about curling, which was a first-time introduction for most of them. I truly couldn’t believe how great the program was! It was fast-paced, keeping the younger k ids moving and all the while teaching them about scoring and the rules of the game too. It really is what the TV commercial looks like!I worked with kindergarten and grade one students and they were so excited and energetic throughout the hour that they participated. Of course they all loved that they could yell at the top of their lungs! What a great introduction for young kids to this great Canadian sport that we love.Here are my grade one daughter Allie’s comments on her experience: “My favorite part was throwing the rocks and sweeping in the gym and that my mom came too. I am glad that Rocks & Rings came to our school.” Edmonton is in for a few additional Rocks & Rings curling surprises as Heather Nedohin is also going to be visiting a few lucky schools this May. Thanks, Beth!