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All-stars, award winners announced at 2015 M&M Meat Shops Canadian Junior Championships

CORNER BROOK, N.L. — The all-stars and other award winners at the 2015 M&M Meat Shops Canadian Junior Men’s and Women’s Curling Championships were announced on Friday at the awards banquet at Memorial University’s Grenfell Campus.

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(determined by shooting percentages during the round robin)
First Team

Skip — Kelsey Rocque, Alberta (79 per cent)
Third — Danielle Schmiemann, Alberta (79 per cent)
Second — Brenda Holloway, Ontario (80 per cent)
Lead — Breanne Yozenko, Manitoba (81 per cent)

Second Team
Skip — Chelsea Brandwood, Ontario (75 per cent)
Third — Erin Pincott, British Columbia (76 per cent)
Second —Holly Jamieson, Alberta (77 per cent)
Lead — Sydney Fraser, British Columbia (79 per cent)

First Team
Skip — Karsten Sturmay, Alberta (82 per cent)
Third — Kyle Kurz, Manitoba (82 per cent)
Second — Lucas Van Den Bosch, Manitoba (84 per cent)
Lead — Ryan Freeze, New Brunswick (86 per cent)

Second Team
Skip — Braden Calvert, Manitoba (80 per cent)
Third — Jacob Horgan, Northern Ontario (82 per cent)
Second — Brett Winfield, Alberta (81 per cent)
Lead — Brendan Wilson, Manitoba (84 per cent)
* In the case of a percentage tie, the all-star position goes to the player with the highest plus/minus for the week (a player receives a +1 for every game in which he/she outcurls the positional opponent by five per cent or more). Should they still be tied, the pre-event draw to the button results are used to determine the all-star.

Ken Watson Sportsmanship Awards
(voted by the players)

Women – Jenn Smith, Nova Scotia
Men – Alex Cormier, Quebec

Balance Plus Fair Play Awards
(selected by the officials)
Lead — Brendan Wilson, Manitoba
Second — Alex MacNeil, New Brunswick
Third — Alex Cormier, Quebec
Skip — Karsten Sturmay, Alberta
Coach — Damien Lahiton, New Brunswick

Lead — Katie Fullerton, Prince Edward Island
Second — Julie Fortin, Quebec
Third — Karly King Simpson, Northwest Territories
Skip — Mary Fay, Nova Scotia
Coach — Rodney Guy, Northern Ontario

ASHAM National Coaching Awards
(voted by the coaches)
Women – Rodney Guy, Northern Ontario
Men – Tom Clasper, Manitoba

Joan Mead Legacy Awards
(selected by the event officials)
($500 scholarship)
Women – Chloé McCloskey, Prince Edward Island
Men – Alex Cormier, Quebec