Paralympic Blog: Marie Wright Checks In From Pyeongchang

PyeongChang 14/3/2018 - Hugs for the win as Canada takes on Slovakia in wheelchair curling at the Gangneung Curling Centre during the 2018 Winter Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang, Korea. Photo: Dave Holland/Canadian Paralympic Committee

Photo: Dave Holland/Canadian Paralympic Committee

Hello Canada,

We’re about halfway through the games and things are going well for Canada. We’re 6-2 and playing well. While we have a few minutes between games, I just wanted to get you up to speed on what life is like in Pyeongchang for a Paralympian.

We moved into the athletes’ village last week after a few days training in Incheon. Everything was amazing. We really didn’t know what to expect. We thought it might be cramped or small, but the rooms are all a good size, there’s a rec room for the athletes. You can play games or sit in massage chairs, it’s fantastic. The dining hall is huge, and you can always find something to eat, no matter what you like! The food has been great.  The atmosphere at the village is just so hyped. Just so much excitement.

I’ve met quite a few of the Canadian athletes, and spent some time with some of the skiiers. Alana Ramsey has won two bronze medals, and Mac Marcoux has won two golds… and maybe more today. They’re all so nice, and it’s so great to be part of of the team.

The opening ceremony was the most amazing experience of my life. You get into the tent where you can stay warm while you wait. There are all the other athletes hanging around, there’s the Bandabi mascot dancing everywhere and everyone is taking pictures. Athletes from other countries are coming up asking to trade pins, and then you line up, and all the Canadians are yelling “True north, strong and free!!”

Then you head out into the stadium, and you see the lights and you hear the roar… you can’t even describe it. I haven’t watched it again yet, but I have it taped at home, and look forward to seeing it again. We didn’t stay too long because we had an early game the next day, but the march was incredible.

Then it was time to play the games. I didn’t think I was nervous until I threw my first rock. I turned around and my heart was just pounding, 100 miles a minute. I was so excited. After the second rock, I settled down a little bit. We managed to win our first three games, before losing a couple. But now we’ve got a new three game streak going, and we’re feeling really good.

Having our friends and family in the stands is amazing, I can’t even describe what that feels like. I know everybody is watching back at home, my kids, my grandkids, my sons-in-law… I’m so happy they can watch, and I know they’re cheering. Thanks for all the support!!

-Marie Wright
Canadian Wheelchair Curling Team