All-stars, award winners announced at 2020 Canadian Juniors

Langley B.C. New Holland Canadian Jr.Curling Championship. Teams. Curling Canada/ michael burns photo

The all-stars and other award winners at the 2020 New Holland Canadian Junior Championships were announced on Friday at the awards banquet at the Langley Events Centre.


(determined by shooting percentages during the round robin)


First Team

Skip — Mackenzie Zacharias, Manitoba (85 per cent)

Third — Karlee Burgess, Manitoba (88 per cent)

Second — Calissa Daly, Northern Ontario (82 per cent)

Lead — Lauren Lenentine, Manitoba (86 per cent)

Second Team

Skip — Kira Brunton, Northern Ontario (78 per cent)

Third — Catherine Clifford, Alberta (83 per cent)

Second — Kristie Rogers, Prince Edward Island (80 per cent)

Lead — Jessica Leonard, Northern Ontario (86 per cent)


First Team

Skip — Jacques Gauthier, Manitoba 2 (83 per cent)

Third — Scott Mitchell, Northern Ontario (88 per cent)

Second — Jeffrey Meagher, Nova Scotia (88 per cent)

Lead — Chase Dusessoy, Northern Ontario (87 per cent)

Second Team

Skip — Rylan Kleiter, Saskatchewan (83 per cent)

Third — Ryan McNeil Lamswood, Newfoundland and Labrador (86 per cent)

Second — Brayden Payette, Manitoba 2 (86 per cent)

Lead — Tie — Nathan King, Newfoundland and Labrador & Scott Weagle, Nova Scotia (87 per cent)

* In the case of a percentage tie, the all-star position goes to the player with the highest plus/minus for the week (a player receives a +1 for every game in which he/she outcurls the positional opponent by five per cent or more). Should they still be tied, the pre-event draw to the button results are used to determine the all-star.

Ken Watson Sportsmanship Awards

(voted by the players)

Women — Lyndsey Burgess, Nova Scotia

Men — Ryan Jacques, Alberta

ASHAM Fair Play Awards

(selected by the officials)


Lead — Lawson Yates, Manitoba 1

Second — Joshua Miki, British Columbia 1

Vice-skip — Joshua Leung, Ontario

Skip — Rylan Kleiter, Saskatchewan

Coach — Anthony Purcell, Nova Scotia


Lead — Julie Brenton, Ontario

Second  — Kate Callaghan, Nova Scotia

Vice-skip — Pearl Gillis, Northwest Territories

Skip — Mackenzie Zacharias, Manitoba

Coach — Michel Blais, Québec

ASHAM National Coaching Awards

(voted by the coaches)

Women – Mark Noseworthy, Newfoundland and Labrador

Men – Vic Shimizu, British Columbia 2