Career Opportunity: Head Ice Technician

Grimsby Curling CLub, grimsby ON

The Grimsby Curling Club has a sand based four sheet arena, with a freon type plant. We are seeking an experienced Ice Technician with a good knowledge of consistent ice preparation and maintenance skills to provide a competitive curling environment for our growing membership. Having a level I I Technicians certificate would be an asset. This position is a full time seasonal period starting in mid September to end of April.

Reporting to the General Manager

Duties and Responsibilities subject to but not limited to:

Ice Installation
o Checking Ice plant equipment
o Preparing the floor before flooding begins
o Working with ice painting contractors to paint ice surface, then placing house rings and logos and banner

Ice Maintenance
o Preparing the ice surface before each league, practice session and or bonspiels begin and provide maintenance when needed between draws and sessions
o Work regularly with the General Manager to review schedules and ice maintenance requirements
o Keep a maintenance log with regard to ice plant operation, ice condition and equipment condition
o Act as primary contact 24/7 for any unscheduled ice emergencies and or system shutdowns
o Daily vacuum and general cleaning within the arena as well as performing other minor duties as required

Ice Removal
o Closing of the ice plant at the end of the season and packaging and properly storage of house rings, banners, and logos as well as rocks and maintenance equipment

Expected Hours of Work
Work a minimum of 40 hours per week, subject to stat holidays, sick leave and building closures

What we Offer
Competitive wages,
Staff privileges which include curling
Continuous career development

What You Offer
A passion for people and service excellence
Excellent communication skills
Computer skills would be an asset

Please submit your resume directly to the Grimsby Curling Club at:

[email protected]