Career Opportunity: Ice Technician

Brantford Golf and Country Club, Ontario

The Brantford Golf and Country Club is looking for a motivated/experienced Ice Technician to
join their team for the 2023/2024 season and beyond. This position requires the individual to
do the day-to-day maintenance of our six-sheet curling facility. This is an 8-12 month contract
seasonal position

Overall general responsibilities will include:
Fall ice installation, rings, lines, signage, and hack installation. Prepare and maintain ice surface daily to the highest possible standard.
Ensure tools are properly maintained and serviced as required and maintain a service log.
Start up and shutdown of ice plant and ensure the plant ice log is kept up to date. Perform a scrape where possible every 2nd draw, pebble, and nip done prior to each league and
rental draw. Flood as required to maintain ice surface at the highest possible standard. Perform mid-season major ice maintenance during the club curling break over the Christmas
season. Assess and perform rock maintenance/rock repair as required. Interface with members and the
board to gather information on ice and rock conditions.
Spring removal of ice, rings & signage and storage of rocks and equipment, cleaning and drying
of the floor.
Establish and maintain a positive working relationship with members and their guests. Maintaining service logs to support technical safety requirements.

What we offer:
Competitive wages, safe working environment, privileges include curling & limited access to

What you offer:
2 years of experience in curling ice maintenance.
Level 2 Ice Technician certificate & willingness to learn. A passion for people, member service, and excellent communication.
Strong curling knowledge and expertise in maintaining ice conditions. Computer skills are also considered an asset.

Ice Operations Job Description:
The ice maker duties will provide all labour and supervision necessary including ice operations
and other duties to install, maintain and manage 6 sheets of curling ice. Contract length: 8 – 12 months Salary: To be determined

Apply to: Dave Newsome – General Manager, BGCC [email protected]