COVID-19 Vaccination Exemptions

Religious and/or Medical Exemptions to COVID-19 Vaccination

The Canadian Curling Association (Curling Canada) Return to Play protocols state that:

“An individual ≥14 days after receiving their second dose of a two-dose COVID19 vaccine series or their first dose of a one-dose (Johnson & Johnson) COVID-19 vaccine series is considered fully vaccinated.”

Curling Canada’s “Return To Play Guidelines (2021-22)”

Accepted Vaccine Types:

COVID-19 mRNA vaccines
(Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna)
COVID-19 viral vector vaccines
(AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson)

Should an individual require a religious or medical accommodation which prevents he or she from receiving a vaccine, the individual must complete the appropriate section herein. Please note, this form is an application for exemption from Curling Canada Return to Play protocols. Exemptions under Federal and/or Provincial law will require additional details.

Religious Exemption

For a religious exemption, the individual must complete the information requested below before
submitting to the Curling Canada exemption committee for review and approval.

Medical Exemption (Contradiction or Deferral)

For a medical exemption, the individual must provide proof of a valid contraindication or deferral. A licensed physician must complete the information requested herein before submitting to the Curling Canada Medical committee for approval. Download the following PDF for contraindication and deferrals for both vaccine types and have your physician fill out and sign, so you may upload with your below medical exemption application:


Submit COVID Exemption Application: