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House Call: Relief for Sore Knees

November 14, 2012

If just the thought of crouching down in the hack sets your poor knees on fire it might be time to make some modifications to your delivery. While the traditional delivery requires a series of deep bends and squats there are ways to modify it to decrease joint pressure and retain accuracy.

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House Call: Master Your Mind in the Hack

November 5, 2012

Take a moment and consider what goes through your mind as you’re setting up for a shot in the hack. Start by imagining your skip at the far end holding the broom. Envision your teammates standing close at hand, waiting to sweep.

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House Call: Chilliwack Rocks New “Get Started in Curling” League

October 16, 2012

Nothing makes beginners feel more welcome than offering programs specifically for them, run by people who want them. That’s exactly how Chilliwack has made 28 new curlers feel at home in their brand new Get Started in Curling League.

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House Call: Rookies Rock at the Granite Club in Ottawa

October 3, 2012

The Granite Curling Club in West Ottawa is bursting with beginners! According to Club Manager, Denise Hoekstra, the evening Rookies Rock program is what started it all 10 years ago. Newbies flocked to the club to learn how to curl with great instruction in a welcoming atmosphere.

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House Call: Overcoming Adversity

September 19, 2012

Welcome back to another season. It’s hard to believe the time has already come to dig out our curling shoes and a dust off our brooms. And what a difference a year makes…

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House Call: A Curling Verse for Season’s End

April 11, 2012

Kim Perkins, Head Curling Professional at the Calgary Winter Club, wraps up the season with a few words of wisdom:

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House Call: Flexibility Found at the Tartan Curling Club

March 28, 2012

One word to describe the Tartan Curling Club in Regina would be flexible. At this time, in the business of curling, flexibility is paramount. A changing demographic is forcing curling clubs to get creative with their programming, and create an environment where people want to get started in curling and stick with the sport for life.

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House Call: Get a Grip

March 14, 2012

A good grip combined with a positive release can work wonders for accuracy. If you find yourself over or under rotating stones, flipping the line in or out, having inconsistent curl or weight control, not being able to properly follow through, or missing the broom completely, you just might have a release problem.

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House Call: The Line’s Divine

February 29, 2012

If you’re relatively new to curling, you likely play front end on a team and never consider line call. And then, against all odds, it happens. Skipper calls in sick and your second’s out of town. You call in a spare but they have to play lead. Your third moves up to skip and suddenly… Holy Cow… you’re playing third!

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House Call: Instructional Differences

February 16, 2012

Over the years I have worked with many different instructors both as a curler and as an instructor. I learn something new from each person I work with. They have all helped shape me to be the instructor I am today.

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House Call: Curl Smarter – Consider a Helmet

February 1, 2012

For Cheryl Whitnack curling will never be the same – and neither will her life.

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House Call: Transition Torment from Lift to No-Lift Delivery

January 18, 2012

I had a number of lessons this past week with curlers transitioning from a lift delivery to a no-lift delivery.

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House Call: A Curler’s Resolution for 2012 and Beyond…

January 4, 2012

If you’re struggling to come up with a New Year’s resolution I’d like to offer a suggestion.

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House Call: Christmas Gifts for the Curler in Your Life

December 21, 2011

If you’re having trouble finding gifts for the curler in your life this year, look no further for great ideas.

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House Call: Holly, Jolly Curling!

December 7, 2011

Curling is the perfect Christmas sport. It can bring your annual office party to a whole new level of awesome, provide a great way to let off steam and avoid awkward family conversation, and it can be a wonderful way to unwind with friends.

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