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Featured Curling Athlete: Dawn Askin

It’s a simple fact in curling that a lead won’t win a game for a team on his or her own, but a lead can sure lose a lot of games with poor shots to open an end.

Featured Curling Athlete: Matt Wozniak

Matt Wozniak and his Team Mike McEwen ’mates are living proof how what commitment and effort can do for a young curling team.

Featured Curling Athlete: Sarah Fullerton

Sarah Fullerton has amassed a collection of awards and championship trophies in her fifteen years of curling – and she’s still a junior.

Featured Curling Athlete: Amy Nixon

When the conversation turns to the best vice-skips in women’s curling, Amy Nixon’s name should be prominent.

Featured Curling Athlete: Craig Savill

Front-enders in curling are typically anonymous — players who do the sweeping and let the skip and third make the shots that get shown on the highlight clips.

Featured Curling Athlete: Felix Green

They call him “Flex” – and for good reason!

Featured Curling Athlete: Amber Holland

When it comes to contributing to curling both on and off the ice, there may not be a curler in Canada who compares to Amber Holland.

Featured Curling Athlete: Ben Hebert

Ben Hebert had built up a pretty nice collection of Brier Purple Hearts since exhausting his junior eligibility.

Featured Curling Athlete: Kristy McDonald

The Manitoba women’s curling scene has been dominated in recent years by Jennifer Jones and her powerhouse team from Winnipeg, but there’s another Manitoba foursome that’s making a legitimate push for a share of the glory, and Kristy McDonald is a big reason why.

Featured Curling Athlete: Brendan Bottcher

Edmonton’s Brendan Bottcher decided to try curling after watching the 1998 Nagano Olympic Games – and he’s been hooked ever since.

Featured Curling Athlete: Steve Gould

These days, teams protecting a lead in the last end of a curling game can’t be successful if their lead doesn’t have the tick shot in his arsenal.

Featured Curling Athlete: Donna Hawkins

Simcoe, Ontario, curler Donna Hawkins says she’s a vice, but it was as skip that she led the Hamilton Blind Curlers to the Silver Medal at the Canadian Vision Impaired Curling Champioships in 2009.

Featured Curling Athlete: Beth Iskiw

Beth Iskiw’s collection of provincial championship jackets is already an impressive one, with four provincial junior titles to her credit as well as two provincial Scotties women’s championships.

Featured Curling Athlete: Keely Brown

Keely Brown got her start in curling a very young age – watching her parents in their Sunday morning game.

Featured Curling Athlete: Joel Jordison

After a few years of calling the shots, Joel Jordison was ready to take a step away from the house and give his sweeping muscles a wakeup call for the 2011-12 curling season.



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