Board of Governors

Top (L-R): John Shea, George Cooke, Brad Gibb
Middle (L-R): Scott Comfort, Lena West, Angela Hodgson
Front (L-R): Peter Inch, Resby Coutts, Maureen Miller, Cathy Hughes


Chair: Resby Coutts
Vice Chair: Maureen Miller
Operations: CEO and Senior Management Team

Meet the Board

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2017-2018 Committee Appointments and Assignments

Finance and Audit Candidate Search Appointments Suggestion Committee
John Shea (Chair) Peter Inch (Chair) Resby Coutts (Chair)
Angela Hodgson (Governor) John Shea (Governor) Maureen Miller (Vice Chair)
George Cooke (Governor) Angela Hodgson (Governor) Peter Inch (Past Chair)
Kathy Henderson (CEO) Paul Addison (BC)
Bill Merklinger, (EDCS) Brenda Asmussen (AB)
David Boddy (Subject Expert)
Ron Hutton (Past Governor)
Mitch Minken (SK)
Governance Constitution Review Continuation National Curling Congress Planning
Maureen Miller (Co-Chair) Resby Coutts (Chair) Kathy Henderson (Chair)
Lena West (Co-Chair) Maureen Miller (Governor) Resby Coutts (Governor)
Brad Gibb (Governor) Cathy Hughes (Governor) Maureen Miller (Governor)
Cathy Hughes (Governor) MA Exec. Director (TBA)
Karen Hacker (Subject Expert) MA Chair (TBA)
MA Vice Chair (TBA)
Awards & Hall of Fame International CEO Compensation
Scott Comfort (Chair) Resby Coutts (Chair) Resby Coutts (Chair)
Lena West (Governor) Peter Inch (Governor) Maureen Miller (Vice Chair)
Brad Gibb (Governor) Hugh Avery (‘A’ Delegate) John Shea (Governor)
Debbie Schween (MB) Maureen Miller (‘B’ Delegate) Peter Inch (Governor)
Canadian Olympic Committee Sandra Schmirler Foundation Curling Sustainability Committee
Peter Inch (Governor) Cathy Hughes (Governor) Angela Hodgson (Chair)
Kathy Henderson (CEO) George Cooke (Governor)
Brad Gibb (Governor)
Scott Comfort (Governor)
Doug Kreviazuk (ON)
Canadian Paralympic Committee Event Model Review
Kathy Henderson (CEO) Peter Inch (Chair)
Cathy Hughes (Governor)
Matt Pilloud (MB)
Stephen Chenier (ON)

2017-2018 Curling Canada Board Liaison Assignments to Member Associations

British Columbia Brad Gibb
Alberta Peter Inch
Saskatchewan Scott Comfort
Manitoba John Shea
Northern Ontario Scott Comfort
Quebec Cathy Hughes
Ontario George Cooke
New Brunswick Angela Hodgson
Nova Scotia John Shea
Newfoundland & Labrador Lena West
Prince Edward Island Angela Hodgson
Nunavut Cathy Hughes
Northwest Territories Brad Gibb
Yukon Lena West

The aforementioned Board committee, liaison and representative appointments have been approved by the Curling Canada Board of Governors under the Curling Canada Policy Governance Model, taking into consideration skill sets, experience, Governor’s location, Governor’s educational requirements and overall value to Curling Canada and its members and stakeholders.

Need for travel and duration of stay for Board appointees is determined by the Curling Canada Board of Governors based on overall vale to Curling Canada and positive impact on the achievement of the Curling Canada’s Ends.