The mission of Curling Canada is to encourage and facilitate the growth and development of curling in cooperation with our network of affiliates.

Curling Canada’s Vision

In the year 2014 and beyond, curling in Canada – from the grassroots to the highest levels of competitive play – will be strong and vibrant. Curling clubs and Associations in Canada will offer a wide variety of participation opportunities for all residents of their communities. Opportunities to participate will reflect the changing needs of the cultural mosaic and lifestyles of Canadians, and allow for a healthy cross section of recreational through competitive play.  Furthermore, the management practices of clubs, member associations and Curling Canada will parallel those of successful businesses by always keeping the best interests of curlers in mind.

Board Operational Philosophy

The national board is elected by representatives of the Member Associations and is accountable collectively to the Boards of Directors of that group.  The Board’s primary responsibility is to ensure the necessary programs and resources are established to develop, in the most general sense of the word, the sport of curling.  The Board will fulfill these responsibilities by formulating and adopting policies, seeing that these policies are implemented by the Curling Canada CEO and professional staff and by evaluating the results.  Further, the Board must carry out its functions openly, seeking the involvement of its members, corporate partners and staff.

In accordance with these principles, the Board operationally seeks to achieve the following goals:

  1. To concentrate its collective efforts on their policy-making and planning responsibilities.
  2. To provide adequate programs and resources to effectively develop all components of curling.
  3. To hire a Chief Executive Officer to operationalize the board policies and programs, while providing through policy, appropriate guidance for staff to work within.
  4. To maintain effective communication with its members, corporate partners, government and staff.
  5. To conduct Board business openly, encouraging broad-based involvement in the Board’s policy/decision-making processes.

Objects of Curling Canada
(excerpt from the Curling Canada Constitution and By-Law)

  1. to be recognized as the national sport governing body for curling in Canada;
  2. to exclusively promote amateur athletics, specific to curling, in Canada on a nation-wide basis.  This will include the development and marketing of the sport of curling at both the Member Association and the club level;
  3. to establish and enforce the rules of the sport of curling in Canada as well as a process by which differences and disputes can be settled;
  4. to cultivate fraternal relations with other curling associations (national and international);
  5. to respect and preserve the traditions of curling;
  6. to promote, arrange, conduct and control Canadian Curling Championships;
  7. to liaise with the Curling Hall of Fame and Museum of Canada Inc. which was established to recognize achievements of athletes and builders in the sport of curling in Canada.
  8. to play the game for the game’s sake without thought of material reward.

Curling Canada