Three successful applicants announced in revamped Curling Assistance Program

A revitalized Curling Canada Curling Assistance Program produced a trio of successful applicants during the 2018-19 season.

Curl Moncton’s five-sheet expansion was unveiled earlier this year. (Photo, courtesy Curl Moncton)

Curl Moncton, the Fort Frances Curling Club in Fort Frances, Ont., and the Sydney Curling Club in Sydney, N.S., were each recipients of low-interest $25,000 loans from Curling Canada to improve their respective facilities.

The revamped Curling Assistance Program, which was launched this past summer, offers low-interest loans, to a maximum of $25,000, from Curling Canada to Canadian curling centres to help them remain sustainable over the long-term and provide capital for such items as roofing, chillers, compressors, lighting, warm-area renovations and curling stones.

Curl Moncton will use its loan to help cover the costs of a new compressor — part of its expansion from five to 10 sheets.

Fort Frances Curling Club. (Photo, courtesy Fort Frances Curling Club)

“Curl Moncton was extremely pleased to receive from Curling Canada, via its Curling Assistance Program, funding that could be applied to the purchase of a brand new compressor for our new five-sheet ice shed,” said Jacques Robichaud, Past President of Curl Moncton and Chair of the Building Committee. “Although we had initially planned on using a used piece of equipment, this did not work out for us and we quickly realized that a new unit was the only way to go. Curling Canada’s positive and quick response to our request enabled us to purchase the compressor and get it installed in a timely fashion. Because of this, we were able to operate 10 sheets during the final months of the 2018-2019 curling season. Curl Moncton would like to thank Curling Canada for helping us reach our goal of becoming a 10-sheet facility. This is an important part of our strategic plan of growing the sport of curling in our region and beyond.”

The Fort Frances Curling Club, meanwhile, is using the loan to cover to the cost of long-needed roof repairs at its six-sheet facility.

“The Fort Frances Curling Club greatly appreciates Curling Canada’s financial assistance,” said Raymond Roy, vice-president of the Fort Frances Curling Club. “After many years with a leaking roof this assistance will allow us to repair our roof this summer and finally remove all the water collection buckets.”

Sydney Curling Club. (Photo, courtesy Sydney Curling Club)

A roof replacement is also on tap at the four-sheet Sydney Curling Club, which has increased its membership by nearly 50 per cent over the past three years.

“The Sydney Curling Club is thrilled to be involved in Curling Canada’s Curling Assistance Program!” said Sydney Curling Club incoming president Travis Stone. “Because of this program, we will be able to continue to provide an amazing curling experience for our members and guests, and we will continue to be able to grow the game that we love in our community.”

“We’re very pleased that we can play a role in helping Canada’s curling centres remain viable and continue to be a part of sport fabric in our country,” said Katherine Henderson, Chief Executive Officer of Curling Canada. “Curl Moncton, the Fort Frances Curling Club and the Sydney Curling Club put together very strong applications and we’re excited to see what’s happening at  these curling centres, based on what we saw in their well-thought-out and complete business plans.”

You can find more information on the Curling Canada Curling Assistance Program by CLICKING HERE.