Mixed Doubles

Everything you need to know about mixed doubles from grassroots to competitions

The Olympic sport of mixed doubles curling is growing in popularity across the curling world especially with the inclusion of the discipline for the 2018 Winter Games in Korea.

The game can be played at a high level in competition or in the newly forming mixed doubles spiels and club leagues. It is fun to play, only requires two players per team and can be played in an hour!

Officially, a team is composed of two players, one male and one female. However, curling leagues wanting to fill ice time, can make it open to both or either gender.  Curling rinks can also organize a stick league for mixed doubles.

At the competitive level, each game is scheduled for eight (8) ends but that can shortened for a club experience of 5-6 ends (which takes less than 1 hour to play). The scoring is the same as in a regular game of curling.

2023 Canadian Mixed Doubles champions Jennifer Jones and Brent Laing – STEPHEN FISHER / WCF

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