Policies & Guidelines

Seniors Curling – Eligibility Date Change

Rule Book Change: Rule 23(1)(g) (effective May 1, 2018):
To be eligible to compete in the Canadian Senior Curling Championships, and in any Member Association event leading to the Senior national championships, each of the four players (and alternates where applicable) on every team must be:

  • Canadian citizens;
  • Residents of Canada (unless granted an exemption by a Member Association);
  • Members in good standing of the same Member Association;
  • Fifty (50) years of age or older on June 30th in the year of the Canadian Senior Championships.

Therefore, players wanting to compete in the 2019 Seniors (March) as example, will be born on or before June 30th, 1969.

This eligibility rule will be in effect May 1, 2018.

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