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Brush Head Moratorium

Brush Head Moratorium

Please note that the approved codes on the WCF website are accepted at Curling Canada events.

Sweeping FAQ

Questions & answers about the 2016 Sweeping Moratorium (updated October 31, 2016).

Q: I am just a club curler who plays once a week. I know that the moratorium does not necessarily apply to me. If I want to buy a new brush, what (fabric) should I buy?

A: Here are the links to various manufacturer’s products.  They have a number of different products that recreation players can use at the club.  Curlers will still need to check with their club, league, association etc. to ensure they have not imposed rules saying only WCF heads will be allowed.

Hardline Curling
Olson Curling
PerformanceTournament Curling

Q: Can I use my brush head?  

A: Unless you are playing in a designated playdown/event where the moratorium is in place, then, yes you can use your broom from last season regardless of its ‘compliant’ status.

Q: Can I use a hair broom in my club?

A: Yes you can.  Hair brushes are banned from competition only.

Q: Can we purchase materials / brush heads off the shelf from last season’s inventory?

A: Absolutely yes. But again, only for recreation play. You can pretty much use anything that was in play last year.

Q: Is there going to be a grace period for elite/competitive teams to acquire the compliant equipment? If so, what is the length of this period?

 A: There will not be a grace period for implementation in events where the moratorium is in place. Manufacturers plan to have sufficient numbers available for purchase, therefore there is plenty of opportunity, as a competitive player, to become compliant immediately.

Q: If a team is at a CTRS event where equipment is not monitored, non-sanctioned equipment is used by competitors and is reported to you after the competition, what steps will be taken by the Curling Canada? 

A: We would suggest you first mention to the organizers of the bonspiel of those teams using non-compliant brooms so they can advise those teams. Curling Canada would then investigate.

Q: I am unclear on the target brush part of the rule. I can’t tell if the skip and vice-skip are to use only one target brush for the game or if they each have their own and use it? I assume it is the latter, as all broom heads are yellow and everything else points to one brush one player. 

A: The person (skip or vice-skip) holding a brush as the target brush must use the brush they declared at the start of the game as their own sweeping brush.

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