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Business of Curling

Business of Curling: Guess What’s Right Around The Corner!

Another off-season is fast coming to a close and the next curling season is right around the corner.

Business of Curling: Seven words you can never say in a curling club!

Resby Coutts is from Manitoba and a promoter of our great sport in almost every area of our business imaginable. He wrote this short piece on his web site and it set the bells ringing at my end.

Capital One Rocks & Rings in Northern BC

A partnership between Rocks & Rings, Curl BC and the Canadian Curling Association has produced dramatic results in Northern BC.

Business of Curling: Good wines in your bar!

Audrey Frey is the manager of the Rideau Curling Club in Ottawa, played lead for Anne Merklinger at a number of Tournament of Hearts, AND is about to graduate as a sommelier!!

We All Cheered Last February! A plan for a mid-season recruitment campaign

Remember last February when curling took the world by storm?


Earlier this year, Warren Hansen (CCA Director, Event Operations) wrote an article in the Extra End magazine (delivered to all the buildings in our country). The article focused on the “frugality”

Business of Curling: This BC curling facility is ahead of the curve when it comes to planning!

More often than not, many curling facilities ‘react’ to need rather than preparing simple, medium-range plans to guide their future.

Business of Curling: Good Wines in Nice Glasses!

Curl BC and the CCA held a Business of Curling Symposium in Vernon, BC the weekend of October 15-17 and some interesting ideas emerged that bear sharing.

Business of Curling: Serving great beer!

The curling season is underway and curlers are back in our buildings.  Now that we are busy again, it is worthwhile to have a discussion about beer, one of our more important product lines in the business of curling.

Business of Curling: Tackling the Issue of Diversity

Dr. Heather Mair is a professor at the University of Waterloo in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies. This past curling season, she prepared an issue paper – with the support of the Toronto Curling Association, the Canadian Curling Association and the University of Waterloo – to investigate issues of diversity facing the sport of curling in Toronto.


Last week, I mentioned many clubs were not producing their own web pages or establishing a Facebook presence. I will re-state that it is extra work for a volunteer group already a tad overworked, however, this is no longer a fad but an application that has woven itself into our everyday lives.

Business of Curling: We’re out of the gate! Some things to think about.

It’s getting close to the time where we will be dropping the puck to get another curling season underway.  With the excitement of the Vancouver Olympics still in our rear view mirrors and many new Canadian curlers anxious to get on the ice and give it a whirl, as Board members, managers and ice staff, we must ensure that we have our ‘superior customer service’ hats on nice and tight.

Summer Curling Club Operations and Making Money!

I have always found it fascinating how little our buildings get used in the off-season or non-curling time and how they sit there, generating little if any revenue in the off-season.


About ten years ago, I attended a one day seminar on getting and keeping members presented by Mark Levin. Mr. Levin, who specializes in membership development, left us with these gems on how to “get and keep” members.


Here is a true story from a new curler who tried to join our sport. Her name and the name of the clubs and city have been left out to avoid the embarrassment.



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