Mixed Doubles

Uniform Requirements

Requirements for Canadian and Curling Trials Competitions

Curling Canada Logos

  • Event Logo (Front Left Chest)
  • 5” x 5” area must be reserved for the event logo

Last Name on the back of Jackets & Shirts

  • Required when the team displays team sponsors
  • Displayed across the shoulders
  • Letters must be block and 2.5” in height, can be dark coloured font on a light coloured garment, or a light coloured font on a dark coloured garment
  • Players’ uniforms must match

Team Sponsor Logos/Cresting

  • May be any size and placed as desired on jackets, shirts, or pants (see above for reserved areas)
  • Must not conflict with the title sponsor of the Mixed Doubles Canadian Championship or the Mixed Doubles Curling Trials.

Curling Canada