National Grassroots Campaign Advocacy Toolkit

Curling Canada has launched an advocacy toolkit to help raise the public profile of Canada’s curling clubs with a particular focus on elected officials at all levels of government. Our intention through this campaign is to build capacity at the local level to enable the curling community to promote the important role curling clubs play in their community – economically and socially.

As Canada shifts from emergency pandemic response to the social and economic recovery phase, curling clubs can provide vital support to their community by promoting the safe return to play, serving as a community hub and supporting safe economic and social activity. By encouraging members to stay home during the early days of the pandemic, curling clubs did their part keeping Canadians safe. Now, it’s time for us to help Canadians get back out there and #keepcurling. This campaign can help us promote our great sport, showcase our role in the community, and reinforce the importance of sustaining.


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Alberta Briefing Notes

Alberta Municipal Letter

Alberta MLA Letter

Alberta MP Letter

British Columbia

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B.C. Briefing Notes

B.C. Municipal Letter

B.C. MLA Letter

B.C. MP Letter


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Manitoba Briefing Notes

Manitoba Municipal Letter

Manitoba MLA Letter

Manitoba MP Letter

New Brunswick

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N.B. Briefing Notes

N.B. Municipal Letter

N.B. MLA Letter

N.B. MP Letter

Newfoundland & Labrador

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N.L. Briefing Notes

N.L. Municipal Letter

N.L. MHA Letter

N.L. MP Letter

Northern Ontario

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N.O. Briefing Notes

N.O. Municipal Letter

N.O. MPP Letter

N.O. MP Letter

Northwest Territories

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N.W.T. Briefing Notes

N.W.T. Municipal Letter

N.W.T. MLA Letter

N.W.T. MP Letter

Nova Scotia

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N.S. Briefing Notes

N.S. Municipal Letter

N.S. MLA Letter

N.S. MP Letter


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Nunavut Briefing Notes

Nunavut Municipal Letter

Nunavut MLA Letter

Nunavut MP Letter


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Ontario Briefing Notes

Ontario Municipal Letter

Ontario MPP Letter

Ontario MP Letter

Prince Edward Island

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P.E.I. Briefing Notes

P.E.I. Municipal Letter

P.E.I. MLA Letter

P.E.I. MP Letter


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Quebec Briefing Notes

Quebec Municipal Letter

Quebec MNA Letter

Quebec MP Letter


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Saskatchewan Briefing Notes

Saskatchewan Municipal Letter

Saskatchewan MLA Letter

Saskatchewan MP Letter


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Yukon Briefing Notes

Yukon Municipal Letter

Yukon MLA Letter

Yukon MP Letter

If you would like an accessible version of these PDFs, please email [email protected].

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